“It’s glaesses.com” is a English and Chinese bilingual eyewear online magazine. It was founded by several media workers from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our principle is to collect every newest and fastest eyewear news from all over the world and provide to China area readers.

“It’s glasses.com” also has a Chinese name:”眼鏡東西”.”眼鏡”means glasses, and”東西”has two Chinese meanings. One is to describe all about “glasses”  object. The other means to combine the East and the West opinions to observe the worldwide trend of high-end eyewear.

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“It’s glaesses.com”是一个中英文的双语在线眼镜杂志,它是由数位来自上海、香港以及台湾的媒体工作者所共同创立的在线媒体。我们的原则是搜集来自全球最新最快的眼镜信息提供给华人地区的读者。

“It’s glaesses.com”有一个中文名字叫「眼镜东西」,「东西」在中文有两个涵意,一个是形容关于眼镜这个「东西」,另外一个是指结合东西方观点观察世界精品眼镜的趋势潮流。





“It’s glaesses.com”是一個中英文的雙語線上眼鏡雜誌,它是由數位來自上海、香港以及台灣的媒體工作者所共同創立的線上媒體。我們的原則是蒐集來自全球最新最快的眼鏡資訊提供給華人地區的讀者。

“It’s glaesses.com”有一個中文名字叫「眼鏡東西」,「東西」在中文有兩個涵意,一個是形容關於眼鏡這個「東西」,另外一個是指結合東西方觀點觀察世界精品眼鏡的趨勢潮流。





在〈About〉中有 5 則留言

  1. Julia表示:

    can we buy gotti sunglasses in Shanghai?

  2. admin表示:

    Dear Julia,
    Thank you for your mail .about Gotti in china , you can contact High Vison trade co,.ltd. their contact infro is china@seeslight.com .

    have a nice day !

  3. Chang表示:

    Hi,do u know any place to buy a gottie?thank you!

  4. Chang表示:

    In Hongkong

    • admin表示:

      Hello Chang

      Sorry for reply late.
      Here is the website of Gotti, you can find optical store on their website.



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